Winter Scheer: Senior Session

I am super excited about this session for 2 reasons.
1) Winter is my younger sister
2) We took her horse to the beach
Winter is my senior rep this year and will be graduating from Bridgman High School in 2012. (If you are a junior and are interested in being a 430Studios rep, email me about the details)
Winter is very active in the equestrian team at Bridgman High School and Petro is the coolest horse in town. For a horse, he is pretty lazy, laid back, and not only is he physically a huge horse, he has a huge personality. We decided to take him to the beach (which I am not entirely sure is legal) BUT, we were very respectful while there and made sure to take all measures and precautions to make sure this was safe and clean. The half of the photos are taken at our parents house and the back half of Warren Dunes. I hope you love these as much as I do.


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